Corporate law


Achieving success in business requires the correct alignment of many factors, ranging from capable leadership and skilled workforces to efficient operating processes, financial measures, and much more. Underlying all of the elements that figure into commercial operations are the contracts, leases, employment agreements and myriad of other legal documents and matters that make business relationships work and produce results possible.

We are proud of our reputation for providing our clients with sound business acumen, financial and tax know-how, and solid working relationships with governmental agencies and other organizations central to compliance issues. Because we understand the factors that figure into a company’s ability to function effectively and achieve sustained competitive advantage, our firm has been the choice of many successful commercial operations, nonprofit and charitable organizations, start-ups, franchises, and other business entities.

With deep understanding for the legal issues related to business and industry, coupled with experience, expertise and relationships We handle all types of applications before the Securities and Exchange Commission and other related administrative bodies such as the Department of Trade and Industry and the Board of Investments, from organization, compliance/reportorial requirements, implementation of good corporate governance procedures, corporate restructuring, finance, and taxation.