Aktay law firm

Aktay law firm

Aktay Law Firm is an Egyptian business law, legal and financial consultancy firm.

Aktay law firm

Aktay law firm

We characterized by experience, integrity and achievement.

Aktay law firm

Aktay law firm

Speed, accuracy, integrity and customer satisfaction are what distinguishes us

Aktay law firm

Aktay law firm

A firm which brings together the expertise of highly qualified legal professionals with varied local and international backgrounds and experiences.


Civil Law

Our team of skilled lawyers has superior advocacy skills and is expert at staying abreast of changes in both law and business that can affect case outcome.

Criminal Law

If you are being investigated or may be under investigation for a crime that allegedly took place in Egypt, you need to contact a well-qualified and trial lawyer who focuses his or her practice on criminal defense work.

Family Law

With expertise in family law, we specialized in solving international disputes in Egypt. We can help you with all family matters and cases...

Corporate Law

with a deep understanding of the business and industry legal field, our team can help you with your business whether it is creating a new business or expanding an already established one.


For us drafting a contract is only formatting an agreement it exceeds that to see every word meaning of each and every word for that. our solicitors have a great outlook for the future tuples and will avoid it for you.

Labour Law

Experienced attorneys advise employers on compliance matters, Egyptian Labor Law, help employers to operate in conformity, implement applicable practices and procedures under the pertinent law.

Financial consultancy

Financial consulting department delivers consulting services that build on a strong financial analytical fundament. Service offerings span a wide variety of topics, such as transaction services, risk management, tax advisory, real estate advisory, compliance and litigation services to name a few, however, financial and accounting skills always stand at the heart of the services delivered.

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