Quality assurance

Our quality assurance involves all major aspects of our work; this ensures that the work is done correctly. Furthermore, we have several quality-control systems, such as checklists that guide paralegals in preparing files for closings or court; rules that partners review all opinions given by the firm; document assembly systems with proven templates; and clear proofreading procedures.

Incoming Quality Control
It is the job of the supervisor’s lawyer’s process to conduct inspections and handle quality problems before the assembly process starts. Handling such highly skilled project needs to be managed by someone who knows and understands their team thoroughly. He/she must pass on their extensive knowledge on the new tools and techniques to the rest of the team.

Review Quality Controls. Outline that will be expanded upon and further articulated as Aktay Law Firm develops.

Multiple expert reviews of key seed-set training documents using both subject matter experts (attorneys) and AI experts (technologists).

Direct supervision and feedback by the responsible lawyer(s) (merits counsel).
Extensive quality control methods, including training and more training, sampling, positive feedback loops, clever batching, and sometimes, quick reassignment or firing of reviewers who are not working well on the project.

In-Process Quality Control
The head of each department in our office is at least a senior lawyer, responsible for the strategic cooperation between his department and the other departments in the firm, opposing the case officer with adequate disclosures to build trust and mutually acceptable relevant standards.

Outgoing Quality Assurance
Is the last process what is done by the client contact lawyer in the firm, he is a client representative from the client care administration to make sure that the client get better work than his expectation